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Hampar “Henry” Shahinian was a renowned diamond setter on 47th Street in the New York City jewelry district in 1969. His passion for creating exquisite jewelry and his eloquence with the public sparked his interest in retail.

In 1980, Henry founded Special Designs Jewelers, where he manufactured his own models and displayed them in public. In 1983 his daughter, Tatiana, joined his endeavor for the retail aspect of the jewelry trade.

After six years in New York City, they decided to move the business to Spring Valley, N.Y. where they would enjoy a more intimate customer base. His wife, Veronica, joined them at this location. Soon after, his sons, Kevin and Marc, became involved in the family business and started the process of expansion.

In September 2000, they opened their current location in Suffern, N.Y. The store is located in the Indian Rock Shopping Center on Route 59 West. It is a full service jewelry store that includes custom orders, on-site jewelry repair, appraisal services, and pearl restringing. The merchandise in the store is wide ranged including but not limited to GIA and EGL certified diamonds, wedding bands, fine jewelry, gold, silver jewelry, gift items, favors, figurines and stainless steel jewelry.


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